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StatCounter - Free Web Tracker and Counter
Big efficiency for small business

Badge and Card Readers:

PCEZ.jpg (66889 bytes) PayClock E-Z
  • 50 employee capacity
  • Calculates payable hours including 3 levels of overtime
  • Tracks sick, vacation, holiday and personal time off
  • Works with all pay periods; weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, monthly and custom periods
  • Calculates time to the exact minute, or rounds time to the nearest 1/14 or 1/10 of an hour
  • Supports employee grouping in up to 50 user-definable departments
PC400.jpg (90702 bytes) Payclock Pro 400
  • up to 500 employee capability
  • Up to 99 department capability
  • Automatic adjustment for DST
  • Uses  industry standard magnetic stripe credit card style badges.

Payclock Pro Software

  • Automatic Data Collection in real time
  • Powerful Work Schedules
  • True "Punch to PayCheck" via Payroll Program interfaces
  • Secure data management
  • Multi-Level Labor Tracking
  • Terminal Messaging
  • Exception Finder
  • Benefit Time Tracking
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