For over eight decades, National Time Recording Equipment (NTR) has provided time and attendance solutions to its clients. Starting with mechanical time clocks in 1920, National Time Recording Equipment has evolved into a full-service provider of time and attendance solutions that include hardware, software, installation, configuration, training and world-class customer service

We help our clients better manage and deploy their most two most valuable assets–their workforce and their time. We configure a unique time and attendance solution for each client based on the unique needs of that client. Some of the benefits we provide to our clients include:

» Accurate Raw Payroll Data:
 Producing the accurate raw data needed to produce an accurate payroll
» End to Employee Time Theft: Eliminating practices such as “buddy punching” that lead to employee time theft
» Labor Costs by Any Criteria: Giving managers applied labor costs by department, location, business unit, product line or any other criteria they need
» Reduced Overtime: Eliminating unauthorized overtime and dramatically reducing authorized overtime
» Reduced Payroll Expenses: Reducing both payroll preparation costs and payroll preparation time
» Management Tools: Giving managers the real-time data they need to manage more effectively
» Automated Data Collection: Automating the entire employee attendance data collection process
» Facility and Employee Safety: Improving access control and employee security
» Benefit Accruals: Tracking of not just time worked, but of benefit days
» Employee Development: Empowering employees to better manager their time and their employer’s resources

With consummate expertise and professionalism, our factory-trained technicians and knowledgeable sales consultants deliver integrated solutions for your time and attendance, labor management, data collection, job costing and access control needs that specifically address the needs of your organization.

Featured in Fortune magazine for the cutting-edge technology utilized in our products, NTR’s Hand Recognition System was spotlighted on Channel 7′s Eyewitness News as one of the most precise timekeeping products available today.

National Time Recording Equipment has successfully implemented time and attendance solutions for thousands of companies nationwide and internationally, providing on-site customer support and expert telephone assistance for immediate answers to your questions and concerns. An industry leader in developing time and attendance solutions that utilize the latest technology, we take our clients to the next level when it comes to state-of-the-art time management, data collection, and time and attendance solutions.