Our knowledgeable and experienced sales consultants are the most sought after in the time management industry. They perform an in-depth needs analysis and site survey for every new client, and they result in time and attendance solutions that are cost effective and precisely engineered to the exact needs, applications and expectations of every NTR client.

From several extensive product lines, Time Systems’ professionals select software and supporting hardware components that best suit each company by carefully listening to what the client has to say. For those clients who have a carefully defined objective, we work within their project specifications. For those clients who want to improve their employee attendance tracking, but are not sure how to go about it, we invent a solution.

NTR realizes the most important factor for across-the-board success is a dedicated focus on customer service and support. This philosophy has earned us the respect and loyalty of an impressive clientele. With a reputation that sets us apart as “the one-stop shop” for time management solutions, NTR maintains the flawless performance of your time management system by providing a comprehensive package of services:

  • On-Site Training: For your convenience, our factory-qualified technicians thoroughly train your employees on-site to properly understand and utilize the system to its fullest capacity–satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Service and Repair: NTR professionals install, service and support every mechanical and computerized product in our line with comprehensive knowledge of how each system works most efficiently.
  • Quick Response: To better serve you, our experienced personnel staff the help desk to respond immediately to customer calls and questions–usually in less than an hour. Our technicians will promptly arrive at your location within eight business hours to resolve any on-site problems and ensure the proper functioning of your system.
  • Remote Diagnostics: Through the miracle of technology, dial-up support enables our computers to “talk” directly with your system via modem or the Internet. NTR technicians can then work remotely to address your problem and minimize downtime.
  • In almost every organization today–be it a business, not-for-profit organization or government agency–the biggest single cost of doing business is labor. Using an automated time and attendance system to improve employee attendance tracking reduces costs, increases productivity, enhances employee morale and improves management effectiveness, and an investment in a time and attendance system to automate the employee tracking process pays for itself in just a few months in the quantifiable savings it produces!